xQc Accidentally Leaks Verizon Sponsorship Deal on Livestream

xQc accidentally “leaked” his Verizon sponsorship deal on stream, which might ruin his contract with the brand.

One of the most popular streamers on Twitch, Félix “xQc” Lengyel is known for his Overwatch gameplays and Just Chatting videos.

He reacts to fan made content, among many others while making “Just Chatting” videos. His reactions established its own series on his YouTube channel, called “xQc reacts”.

At any given point of time, it’s likely for some company or brand to reach out to xQc for a potential partnership or sponsorship.

However, it’s not often for streamers to “accidentally” leak exclusive details while on stream.

On a recent livestream, xQc was reacting to videos like he usually does (which remains to be a popular series with his audience).

He then proceeded to look for something on his desktop after reading his chat. But in those moments of inattentiveness, he unwittingly displayed a Discord window that contained a detailed set of deliverables and potential income for the streamer.

The deal seems to be from Verizon and Fullscreen (AT&T) for Lengyel to promote a brand new phone.

In a closer look, it seems like the brands want a tweet, a youtube video, a segment on his twitch stream, plus 10 different mentions spread out on multiple days on xQc’s content.

He’s rumored to earn at least $11,000 from the deal, with an additional income if he lures in fans to buy merchandise with the streamer’s store code.

After accidentally showing the Discord conversation, xQc was evidently in a moment in denial before acknowledging the implications of his actions.

“Chat didn’t see that? Oh god.”

The streamer quickly closed the screen and turned off his entire screen capture, but the damage has been done.

After his actions dawned on him, he managed to say: “Oh my god, I’m done.”

Fans were quick to share their thoughts on the untimely contract “leak” incident:

“It doesn’t matter, He earns money with his streams. What can it do ? Maybe he lost the contract.”
“he prob gets 2 of these offers a day. Imagine how much $$ you could make just farming these. If i was a content creator i wouldn’t be able to help myself, id be an absolute sellout.”
“good on him for transparency”

Only time can tell if fans can expect a xQc and Verizon partnership… after his livestream leak incident.

The streamer has over 2 million followers on Twitch as of writing.

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