Pokimane’s Jogger Pants Merch Sold Out in 30 Minutes

Truly, Pokimane has the power of her loyal fanbase by her side!

On December 15, she restocked her “best selling and personal favorite joggers” on her online shop.

These comfortable jogger pants were back on a limited time only.

Known for her comfortable and cozy attire while on-stream, many were quick to buy Poki’s signature sweatpants.

Not to mention, it can be worn while chilling at home or enjoying a brisk walk to enjoy the outdoors. The joggers also scream fashion without making too much effort for it.

The well-coveted merch sold like hotcakes in only 30 minutes. Pokimane took it to Twitter to express her glee over the news:

“they uhh all sold out in 30min 😳 i asked to get them put on pre-order (so they’ll ship a bit later) for only another 24 hours 🖤 hope everyone that wants one gets it ☺️”

Positive reviews flood the merch from fans who bought it:

“These are so comfy. Literally my fave sweatpants I have ever owned. I did a 5k in them last weekend when it was 9 degrees and they kept me so warm!”
“just ordered mine, got 2 lol. one for now, and one size smaller, since i have weight goals to achieve. need the encouragement😅”
“those actually look comfy”

Pokimane garnered over 3.6 million followers on Twitch and 4.2 million subscribers on Youtube.

As a way to celebrate her most recent milestone, she uploaded a day in the life video on Youtube to show her fans how her day typically goes.

Considered as Twitch’s #1 female streamer, she is best known for playing titular games such as Fortnite and League of Legends.

Many fans adore Pokimane because of her laid back personality and optimism — as is evident in her streams!

If you’ve run out of Poki joggers, you’re still in luck. Check out other official Pokimane merch at pokishop.com.

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