Apple Banned Pewdiepie’s New Game Poopdie for Being “Too Disgusting”

Pewdiepie may be the world’s #1 Youtube star, but apparently, that’s not enough for him to sell his poop-themed game to Apple’s app store.

Apple considers the game Poopdie as “too disgusting”, but Android particularly had no reason to reject it.

As of writing, the free-to-play game is only available in the Google Playstore.

Felix “Peweiepie” Kjellberg revealed on a recent YouTube upload that Apple rejected his app due to its gross imagery, which some users may find disgusting.

“A bit of un-epic news for us when we submitted the game. Apple thought this game is too stinky, for whatever reason. It’s all cartoon-y.”

What exactly is the gameplay that Apple considers “too disgusting”?

Apparently, the story revolves about a worm named ‘Poopdie’ that poops out an army to fight alongside him through the dark and dangerous dungeons.

The game is designed for children and younger audiences with its cartoonish visuals and bizarre humor.

Everything is poop and butt-related, which is pretty childish and immature, but it’s part of the game’s charm. Although, it’s probably not everyone’s cup of tea.

Bulbware, the developer behind the said game, also released a statement regarding the unfortunate news:

“Unfortunately Apple seems to be disgusted by Poopdie and his army of little Troops. Small wormy got rejected and here is answer that we received:

‘[Poopdie has] crude imagery and sound effect which may disgust users.’ so it not complies with Apple guidelines.”

The good news is that now Poopdie is available on Apple’s app store since a couple of days back! You can get it here.

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