Shroud Doesn’t See Himself as a Full-Time Streamer in the Long Run?

Ex-Twitch superstar Shroud made headlines last year after moving from his home platform to the rival Microsoft-owned app Mixer.

His recent multi-year contract is rumored to be worth millions. Regardless, it’s undeniable how Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek is committed to live streaming.

After jumping ships, Shroud took on the challenge of bringing along his avid viewers with him for the transfer.

This proves to be quite challenging indeed, considering how Twitch remains to be the leading live streaming platform.

Since his move, his viewership has unfortunately plummeted. He further revealed how some fans may be unaware he’s now streaming on a new platform and instead thought he’s quit the industry.

Although he’s experiencing a decline in viewership, the streamer has prepared some plans for the future ahead that includes activities beyond streaming for 2020.

Asked by a curious fan if he sees himself doing something besides streaming, he explained:

“Yes and No… I can see myself always streaming, like if it’s not my main thing, it’ll probably be my side thing.”

“So yeah, I could see a future of me not streaming, absolutely… I have some ideas in mind, although executing them is going to be extremely challenging. So, we’ll see what happens this year.”

The good news is: his followers on Mixer continue to grow, but it might take a while for him to get to the same level as his audience reach back on Twitch.

Perhaps one benefit of his transfer to the rival platform is the freedom and ability to stream less. Shroud won’t have to worry about not being consistent with his streaming schedule for a day or two because it won’t have a big impact on his income.

Having signed a multi-year contract means he can take more time off from streaming-related endeavors to venture into other projects.

The said contract may allow him to enjoy his time without the heavy pressure of streaming for hours all day, on a daily basis, to boost his follower count, ad revenue and donations.

Many Twitch streamers have complained about the pressure of taking a day or two to rest from livestreaming because the repercussions seem to be brutal.

Now that Shroud is free of that heavy responsibility, he can explore options beyond streaming to his liking!

Fans are all excited to see what Shroud has planned in order to further grow his brand.

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