Tyler1 Reveals New Collectible Figure, Which Apparently Looks Nothing Like Him

Tyler1’s exclusive collectible figure is here!

He gave fans a sneak peek at his new figurine during his recent stream, but the prototype apparently looks nothing like him.

The product may need to go back to the lab after such an obvious mistake.

Gamer and streaming icon Tyler “Tyler1” Steinkamp has released his own line of merch, from Shadow Downs Unleashed gear to “Winnable” singlets and shirts.

But the streamer is looking to expand his merch, this time focusing on a set of collectible figures to immortalize the League of Legends player.

He gave his viewers an exclusive first glimpse of the item on his January 27 stream. The streamer was looking forward to share the good news with his fans.

“I’ve got something exciting dude, T1’s very own collectible figure.”

The figurine takes homage to the classic Funko Pop style, with Tyler1 wearing an orange “Winnable” singlet with his iconic black and blue colored Logitech headset.

And of course, the collectible figure is also flexing his muscles for all his fans to see.

There was just one detail that left the LoL star a bit perplexed — when the product’s skin color was too dark compared to his own skin tone.

“Okay, and you are going to say ‘dude, you aren’t that dark.”

Although he intended to make light of the matter, he switched to a serious expression shortly after.

“Okay, look — wait I’m actually not this dark, wait hold on. I don’t have light skin, but I’m not this dark. Okay, this is a little bit too dark.”

He inspected another prototype figure included in the batch, and turns out, all prototypes have a darker color of his skin.

At this point, it seems like Tyler1 has made a mental list of improvements to tell the product designers.

“Okay, we need to get these fixed a little bit. I mean, maybe if I had a tan? The idea is good. We need to get the colour situation fixed, but it’s the idea that counts.”

As to why his figurines came out darker than intended, he hypothesized that it was because the idea of creating collectible figures came out after a recent holiday trip to Hawaii.

This may be the reason why the products’ skin color came out darker than his regular, tanned self!

“We had the idea when I got back from Hawaii, you guys know how dark I was in Hawaii — but it’s a different kind of dark.”

Fans may have to see and wait a while for the adjusted and improved Tyler1 collectibles!

The Tyler1 collectible figure is priced at $24.99 on his website.

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