Elon Musk Reacts Over David Dobrik’s Flying Tesla Challenge Attempt

Elon Musk, SpaceX & Tesla CEO and a rising internet personality of his own right, was stunned after Youtuber David Dobrik pulled a stunt with his Model X.

The jaw-dropping stunt sent the Model X flying over a speed bump in a LA suburb.

Dobrik’s popularity on Youtube is experiencing a remarkable surge as of late. The star is also growing his audience across other social media channels like Twitter.

He’s mostly known for his hilarious antics and generosity, which lures in millions of viewers to his widely-famous vlogs. His Youtube channel, in particular, has over 15.6 million subscribers to date.

Dobrik often rolls around in his Model X since he’s the designated driver for the Vlog Squad. His car has welcomed familiar faces over the years like Justin Bieber and Kylie Jenner.

After watching a couple of IG stars (josh_ofthe_jungle and nickpasquale1919) fly over a speed bump on their big bikes, the dare-devil inside the 23-year-old was urged by Suzy not to let them copy their efforts using David’s Tesla.

But despite the warning, David graciously allowed both to ramp his car over a speed bump with Natalie, Suzie, and Jason watching at the corner in pure disbelief.

This said stunt caught the attention of Elon Musk on Twitter, who replied to Dobrik with an exclamation mark — to contain his surprise.

Perhaps Musk didn’t feel the need for words to explain his disbelief.

Dobrik, making light of the matter, clapped back with:

“Does this mean my warranty is cancelled?”

Known for his acts of generosity, Dobrik once gave $10, 000 as a gift to one lucky college student.

He also gave $25, 000 to his beloved friend Suzy’s mom for her birthday.

What does Elon’s exclamation point imply?

Was he not too impressed with the impromptu stunt, or was he too amazed with the way the Youtuber lowkey advertised the Model X’s safety features?

Fans were clearly taken aback with Dobrik’s recent upload:

“I think he’s the only person who’s ever jumped a Tesla”
“Everyone: don’t do that with a Tesla
David: it’s fine just a car”
“David please be careful with the car stunts or just driving in general, we already lost Kobe, we can’t lose you too. I really need your vlogs in my life.”

The said video has over 7.3M views as of writing. Check out Dobrik’s daring stunt here.

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