Among Us dev responds to PS5 & Xbox console demands

With the growing demand for Among Us to be brought over on consoles, a developer finally spoke up about the matter to appease fans.

Will fans be able to play the online multiplayer social deduction game on Xbox and Playstation soon? Find out what Among Us developer, Forest Willard, has to say.

Hyped title

In case you missed it, Among Us was published by American game studio InnerSloth which was first released on June 15, 2018.

The game unfolds in a space-themed setting where players, in multicolor jelly bean-like figures, each take on either roles: most are Crewmates, and a predetermined number are Impostors.

Crewmates must work out who amongst them is the impostor(s), while the latter must continue to seamlessly kill and sabotage without getting caught.

Two years after its original release, Among Us is dominating the gaming scene. Its global popularity made the title one of the most successful and important games of 2020.

In August, the game garnered nearly 31 million hours watched on Twitch because some of the biggest content creators and streamers are playing the InnerSloth party game. Among Us is to thank for a Pewdiepie & Pokimane collaboration, which most fans didn’t see coming.

The title is named as the best casual game in the gaming scene as of writing, and with the increasing player count— console players are curious if they will ever see the game on Xbox or Playstation, since it is currently only playable on PC and mobile devices.

Dev responds

InnerSloth dev, Forest Willard delved on the possibility of a console version of Among Us, which directly addressed the growing fan demand. He spoke about the matter during a stream with popular streamer Trainwreckstv:

“It’s something we’re starting to talk about… But we’d have to write a system for like, quick comms. It’d basically be for randoms – like Rocket League.”

Currently, the devs’ main concern with an Among Us console launch would be enabling all participants to communicate and talk to each other.

Communication plays a crucial importance in a game like Among Us, where most players opt to join a Discord voice call to talk and discuss accordingly.

“I don’t know how or if we’d be able to implement console voice chat… One of the first things we wanna add is a friends list type account system, because it’d be so hard to do it without that sh*t.”

However, Xbox and Playstation gamers can rest assured that a console launch is certainly on InnerSloth’s radar.

The question is when and how will they plan to pull it off… but it seems like console players will see it soon.

Are you excited at the thought of Among Us being playable on consoles? Let us know what features should be included in the comments!

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