Fans criticize Riot for “overpriced” Valorant EGO skin bundle

Many players expressed their frustration over the pricing of Valorant’s new ‘EGO’ by OneTap skin bundle, with some even calling it “overpriced” for its underwhelming look.

Valorant skins

In gaming, one way to set yourself apart from the general crowd is to buy cosmetics and in-game skins. That way, you’re already one step ahead in terms of aesthetic compared to players who use the default skins.

You can unlock weapon skins, charms, or profile items on Valorant by playing the Act-based Battlepass. If you want to skip the grinding process, you can also opt to spend some cash on the game’s microtransactions.

Since Valorant’s launch in June, Riot have introduced a number of impressive weapon skin bundles— but it seems like their latest, the EGO bundle, has drawn online flak particularly for its pricing.

In case you missed it, the EGO by OneTap bundle features a number of skins for key weapons in Valorant.

Player criticism

One player ‘russmankiwi’ took it to the official Valorant subreddit to call on the attention of the devs, hoping they could justify the whopping 7,100 VP cost of the bundle and its lack of customization options when compared to previous similarly-priced bundles.

Though the skins “look lovely,” they still seem to fall behind the previous skin bundles.

“More recently we’ve been seeing a decrease in quality or options available on gun skins, but still priced the same as the bundles with the most customization options,”

“Why is the EGO bundle not set somewhere inbetween at lets say 6,000 VP? You get some nice looking skin variants, but nothing to really get you excited,”

He made the comparison to similarly-priced skin lines, such as the Prism and Oni, which were launched with the additional option to include distinct VFX through Radianite Points.

The post has been removed by the moderators of the subreddit as of writing, though it managed to gain traction at 2.5k upvotes.

Mixed opinion?

Some players went to disagree with the thought, saying Riot is the one to set the price at the end of the day. There might be no valid reason for them to change things at all.

“They release skins at varying qualities at varying prices and see if people still buy them. Spoiler: people still buy low effort skins at high prices.”

“If enough people buy it, that’s justification enough. If people don’t buy it, they’ll change. At the end of the day, money talks. And if the money says “This isn’t worth that much” riot will hear it.”

“Imo this was the laziest and highest priced skins yet.”

Others also went on to agree with the player’s sentiments, saying that the devs might have to adjust the way they handle in-game cosmetics and skins later down the line.

“The only way they will change their ways is by continuously voicing our opinions but more importantly not purchase low quality skins at a high cost. ”

“I think the best thing to do is just not pay for overpriced stuff. The prices will drop,”

“Honestly, all the skins in this game are overpriced, like 90 dollars for a few skins and a knife then you have to buy Radianite to upgrade the skins you already paid for? No thanks.”

A comparison to another Riot title, League of Legends, has also been made by some players. Purchasing skins on League is deemed as a much better decision by others.

“I know they’re two different games but when the new Storm Dragon Lee Sin skin in League costs half of what a reskinned default knife does i dont even know what to say anymore..”

“Yeah, in general the League of Legends skins absolutely blow Valorant out of the water in quality and cost/value. I’ve spent a lot of money on League but I’m not buying anything other than the battle passes in this game unless they change things up.”

Riot is yet to address the player complaints over their latest in-game skin line. It’s unclear if they will even speak up about the matter, too.

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