IRL streamer Jake collaborated with famous JAV idol, Kaho Shibuya

Get ready boys, IRL streamer Jake recently collaborated with one of the most famous JAV idols, Kaho Shibuya.

Kaho joined the Twitch star on a 5-hr livestream uploaded December 10th.

Jake is a known streamer who shares a glimpse of his daily life and activities in Japan on the “Just Chatting” category. His Twitch channel currently has 419k followers and counting.

Those who love anime and manga, Japanese culture, and everything about the country are frequent viewers of his content!

Among his famous uploads were a street fashion makeover in Harajuku, getting his bum slapped by an actual sumo wrestler, and experiencing the Shibuya Halloween parties.

He first teased about the collab in a tweet, tagging Kaho Shibuya’s official account.


Get your AYAYAs ready boys 🍭”

Fans were quick to hype as to what this collaboration might be. Some even went beyond to the extent of their hyper imagination.

“Hanging out with big tiddy anime gf Kaho? Damn, you livin the dream, lmao”

“Lol my ayaya really happy”

“Welp. I know where this is going.”

“My god, to think just a few years ago he was a kid streaming TF2. We may lose today, tomorrow, and every day after, but it’s okay in my book if it culminates to wins like this.”

Was it headed where they initially thought it was going? Sike!

Jake’s recent upload playfully titled as “WEEB STUFF w/ RETIRED JAV ACTRESS” on Twitch proved to be a delight to both anime and manga fans.

Many were even jealous of Jake for collaborating with all these Japanese celebrities.

He even posted a cosplay photo on Twitter, thanking Kaho for joining him on his online shenanigans.

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