Is Ninja Perma-banned on Apex Legends?

Much to the confusion and surprise of thousands of fans, gaming star Ninja was banned on the game Apex Legends.

Ninja himself was initially confused as to why he landed the ban.

On December 15, he only discovered he was banned from the game as he tried to load up a match for two separate attempts.

Looking forward to play a match or two with his Fortnite duo TSM Reverse2k, the streamer was met with a login screen message notifying him that his account had been banned.

He claims to have no idea as to why or how it happened.

The ex-Twitch superstar has been noticeably playing more games other than Fortnite, ever since his recent move to Mixer.

It was only a day after the whole confusing ordeal that he tried to make sense of the situation, with the possible circumstances surrounding the ban and potential reasons behind.

“That Apex ban is definitely not clickbait, I was banned last night… I haven’t played that game in six months. We queued up into the game, and as we found the match, it kicked me out, twice.”

“I was like maybe it was just a one time thing, but then we queued up again, got into a match, and it was like ‘you’re banned.’ Which is very strange to me!”

A seemingly confused Ninja couldn’t recall anything that he’s done that’s considerably ban-worthy. Aside from that, he also hasn’t been on the game in about nearly half a year now.

Reverse2k also mentioned the ban was “probably on accident.” Although Ninja himself pointed out there couldn’t have been an alternate explanation behind it.

“It was 100 percent not on purpose, I have not done anything! Plus I haven’t hacked on that game in like a year!”

Apex developers have reached out to the gamer on Twitter regarding his appeal to the ban, with the reasons remaining undisclosed.

It may take a while for an official announcement why Ninja got permanently banned on the game, but he can always work around the system by signing up for a new account!

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