LilyPichu Reveals How She “Accidentally” Got Her Dog High

Twitch star and OfflineTV member LilyPichu explained the ridiculous story behind how she got her dog high.

Temmie, Lily’s beloved dog, was taken in a panic trip to the nearest vet asa result.

During her January 30 stream, Lily revealed how she found her dog in a state of distress: immobile and surrounded by puke that smelled of chocolate.

Just like any other dog mom, the streamer rushed to the vet as she grew concerned for Temmie’s safety.

After a series of examinations, the veterinarian asked a rather surprising inquiry:

“I’m going to need you to be very honest with me… Does anyone in your house smoke cannabis?”

Taken aback, Lily was also reassured by the vet that she could freely answer him without worrying about losing Temmie.

She later told him how there’s been a party at her house a day prior to when her dog got sick, so guests were likely to be lighting up some at the time.

After knowing this, the vet further explained:

“Alright, I just need to let you know, your dog is really high right now…”

Lily couldn’t help but burst into a series of giggles as she remembered the hilarious story.

“He’s like, ‘yeah, your dog is very high right now.’”

Never did she expect to hear the words “her dog” and “very high” in the same sentence!

It didn’t make sense initially. To many fans, it sounds more of a joke or a funny prank, up until Lily explained the backstory of why it happened:

“Apparently someone left a weed chocolate on the ground or something, and she ate it.”

Regardless, she grew frantically worried for her Pomeranian pup. The good news is Temmie will soon recover given many days of rest.

Lily sure loves her pet dog Temmie like her own child, or perhaps even more. She later admitted how her “emotions were all over the place”.

The pomeranian still had to get her stomach pumped after eating some chocolate. But after the procedure, she was noted to be doing perfectly fine.

When Lily picked up the dog from the vet, she was given a warning that the pup was still very high so it may take a while for the drug to wear off.

Making light of the situation, she joked:

“She was vibing the whole day.”

Fans continue to wish Temmie a speedy recovery. Perhaps Lily learned a valuable lesson after what happened: be careful with what your party guests may bring into the house.

Who knows, your pet may just pick up on it without you knowing!

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