Pokimane’s Random Duo had to Leave the Match after Girlfriend Knew He’s Playing with Her

Apparently, the famed gamer girl life comes with a cost.

This is what Pokimane realized in the middle of a recent stream, where one of her random duo partners cut their match short after he was forced to quit the match by his girlfriend.

Being the number one female streamer on Twitch, almost every gamer knows who Poki is – or at least has an idea of how famous she is in the industry.

Some are fortunate enough to play alongside the Twitch star, which can be as rare as it can get.

But during her January 18 broadcast, she had been playing Fortnite shortly after announcing the launch of her exclusive in-game emote.

She had queued with fans and viewers who were having the time of their lives playing with her, but one player’s girlfriend was furious instead.

This prompted Poki to ask the guy:

“Is your girlfriend actually mad or joking mad?”

She put pieces together to notice the girl was actually mad at the guy who Poki was queued with.

The guy then seemingly came under attack from his girlfriend, where noises could be heard in the background.

He was then heard saying: “Really love?”. This left Poki to look on concerned and wide-eyed in disbelief, as shouts of pained “ow” came over the mic.

“Physical abuse in the home!”

The Twitch star called out before the random duo left the game.

Pokimane claims this situation had never happened to her before. She then begins her thought-provoking counselling speech:

“Like, a girlfriend actually just getting mad at a guy for playing with me? Like obviously, I was not flirting or anything.”

“I’m sorry, but that’s not cool. Guys can play with girls and girls can play with guys in relationships or not as long as they’re just being nice. I hope they move past that sort of thing, you know. And when I heard the ouches, that’s not cool – I hope she wasn’t like hitting him or something. That’s not cool.”

She continued to note that relationships are supposed to be built on trust and that “its fine” to play with others, as long as there isn’t any flirting involved.

Fans were quick to comment on the surprising interaction:

“Imagine if it was the other way around, hell would go loose, FIGHT FOR EQUAL RIGHTS”
“Those kinda sounded like slaps ngl. I REALLY hope people look into this, because if it was the other way around the media would be in shambles”
“This made me sad 😔 he probably really wanted to play with her too”

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