Full Details: Fortnite’s Emote Royale Contest on TikTok

Epic Games is giving players the chance to have their custom emote immortalized in-game through TikTok’s #emoteroyalecontest.

The titular game is turning to its massive player base for fresh new ideas once more.

The dev team behind Fortnite is known to incorporate pop culture references into the battle royale game with nearly 250 million players.

Now, they are taking their next content to TikTok which is one of the most popular apps at the moment.

Players can now have their dance moves immortalized in Fortnite! Furthermore, it’s also simple to participate in the contest.

Grab a camera, practice your steps, and record yourself doing your best original dance move — with the approved music dance tracks of course.

Don’t forget to share it on TikTok with the hashtag #EmoteRyaleContest.

The contest runs from January 18-24, 2020.

The hailed winner will receive 25,000 V-Bucks (the equivalent of around $250 USD) and a Fortnite VIP giveaway package.

The said winner will also join the likes of Pokimane, who recently unveiled her adorable in-game emote on Fortnite.

What a way to fulfill your epic fanboy slash gamer dreams!

This isn’t the first time the devs turned to its player base for Fortnite in-game ideas.

Back in 2018, the devs hosted a Boogiedown contest where the winner’s dance moves were also created as an in-game emote in Fortnite.

Holding this type of contest seems to benefit Epic Games well, instead of stealing dance moves off the internet without their official consent.

As of the moment, the company is currently facing five lawsuits — all of them on hold.

These were filed by people who claim the developers unlawfully used dances they added to the game as Fortnite emotes.

Before getting started, don’t forget to check out the official contest rules to guide you in submitting the perfect entry.

Rules also state players must be at least 13 years old upon joining and they should use the pre-selected Fortnite tracks to avoid any potential copyright strikes.

Read more about the exciting collaboration here:

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