Valorant’s game-changing Killjoy Turret exploit makes a return on Icebox

Valorant players and fans are aware of the previously game-breaking Killjoy turret exploit on Split, which Riot promptly fixed in Patch 1.06.

However, it seems like the Killjoy Turret exploit made a return to the game— this time, on the new Icebox map.

Killjoy turret exploit

The recently-discovered new exploit is causing headache to some players, especially those who are playing against Killjoy.

One player pointed out the game-breaking exploit on Icebox, uploading a YouTube video footage where Killjoy’s Turret can be seemingly placed outside the map.

In return, the Turret can spot targets through the walls and shoot at them. Not only does the exploit reveal their location, it also slows down the opponents and whittling down their health.

How to replicate the exploit

If you’re eyeing to test the exploit for yourself, you need to place Killjoy at the corner of Kitchen that has a tall plant in a white pot.

Simply looking at the floor at the precise spot would make your Turret indicator disappear. Then, place the sentry which will appear under Kitchen.

This problematic exploit doesn’t stop there. It appears that there’s no way to destroy the Turret after the German technician agent placed them.

Some players tried to wall bang the sentry from different angles and use Brimstone’s ultimate, both of which doesn’t seem to affect the Turret in any way.

In short, the said exploit is game-breaking if it remains unfixed for long.

Competitive integrity

This will truly affect Valorant’s matchmaking integrity— which Riot previously stated they are strongly against.

The new map Icebox isn’t in the ranked mode map pool yet, though some players still risk getting reported and banned for using the exploit and giving their team an unfair advantage.

Riot Games is consistently improving the Valorant general in-game experience for all players— hence fans can expect a hotfix once the devs sort out the glitch.

This is not the first time for Killjoy’s Turret to cause some in-game problems. Previously, she could place her turrets under the map which then technically gives her a “wallhack.”

As if the existence of Killjoy’s turret isn’t infuriating enough, there’s also a spot on Split that gave the agent an ability to wallhack. Killjoy players then took advantage of this exploit to turn the tides in a match.

The past exploit had a counter, however. Players can just shoot at the same location that the bullets are coming from to destroy it.

A fix for the previous exploit was included in Valorant Patch 1.06.

Regardless, it remains unclear if Riot is aware of this new, returning Killjoy exploit bug. a

With Icebox being tested for stability before being introduced in Competitive queues, a patch is likely to be introduced soon.

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