Is controller support finally coming to Valorant?

Riot’s Valorant remains one of the few first-person shooters (FPS) that currently lacks controller support, but fortunately for its fans— that might change real soon.

A recent leak hints of controller support hidden in the code.

Controller or no controller?

It has been years since gamers have been fighting with each other over which is the best input method when it comes to first-person shooters.

Some believe that a mouse and keyboard’s control and precision is just the perfect fit, while others are far more comfortable and used to using controllers for shooter titles.

Coupled with aim assist, the latter can even be a better option.

There’s no definite way to tell which input method proves to be more advantageous than the other, since FPS titles are equally popular amongst PC and console gamers.

It all boils down to a matter of preference and sometimes, accessibility.

Since more games are offering cross-platform support, it’s only about time for Valorant players to wonder when will the game offer such a feature.

As of writing, the hyped 5v5 tactical shooter isn’t available to play on consoles.

Recent leak

A recent leak hints that Valorant players might not need to wait for long. Players who prefer to play on controllers can rest assured that controller support might be on its way.

A leaker shared compelling evidence of possible Valorant controller support on Twitter:

“Oh I forgot to mention, possible controller support incoming.”

The codes specify Right Analog Deadzone, Right Analog Sensitivity X, and Right Analog Sensitivity Y.

In case you’re unfamiliar with the terms, these all hint to controller input. Since it’s found on Valorant’s lines of code, it can be a strong suggestion that controller support is about to be introduced soon.

Spectator mode

Valorant already offers some controller support in spectator mode, though. Hence, it’s possible that these lines of “leaked” codes could be referring to the already-existing feature.

Even fans point out the existence of the said spectator feature:

“There’s very light controller support for the spectator client… I’ve been using it for observing the last week or so. Idk if that’s what these lines could be referring towards.”

Though the evidence isn’t anywhere near conclusive at the moment, it’s still a possible clue that controller support could be coming soon.

Valorant players desperate to use a controller might not need to wait for long.

For First Person Shooters like Valorant, full controller support is expected to come at some point.

It’s an available option in almost every other FPS title on the market for a reason.

Players who are far more comfortable using a controller should be allowed to enjoy the same games using an input method they are more familiar with.

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