Twitch Starlet Apologizes for Breaking Down in the Middle of a Stream

Twitch Starlet JadeyAnh apologized to her fans after an emotional outburst in the middle of a stream, which prompted viewers to be concerned over her welfare.

Streamers are often subject to airing unexpected and raw moments while their broadcast is live.

Such was the case of JadeyAnh, a Twitch partner, who broke out in tears during a game of Overwatch in a recent stream.

As a result, her rather emotional broadcast has raised concern across online communities.

The said stream has been taken off her channel. However, a clip was uploaded on the r/LivestreamFail subreddit showing the streamer in tears as she opened up to her viewers, explaining how she doesn’t want her relatives to worry about her anymore.

“It’s just, I feel like emotionally, I only bring sadness to my parents and my grandparents…”

“It’s been so long since anyone has looked at me without worries, because… I feel like my family can only fully be happy without me. ‘Cause I always know they are worried about me, and I don’t want that anymore for them.”

Fans were on their toes to express concern for the Twitch star’s mental health and safety.

Others even called out to those who personally knew her to reach out and make sure she’s okay.

Reassuring her loyal followers, Jadeyanh responded via Twitter by apologizing for any worries the breakdown caused.

“I apologise for the breakdown you witnessed today…”

She also reassured her fans that she is now seeking professional help. Hence, her streaming-related endeavors will be put into hold until she achieves a better state of mind.

“Know that I’m now seeking professional help and keep my online presence on hold till things are better.”

Fans warmly reassured the Twitch streamer that it’s completely okay to put herself first this time and take a much-needed break.

“Hey it’s okey. Don’t be sorry ok. Btw hope you will be better after this. You are strong girl. Don’t let it get until you ok. Fight it”
“please dont apologise take your time and be with people you love. we are sending you so much love and support 😄 you will come out of this as winner i know you will jade x”
“It’s okay not to be okay. You’re just a human being. No need to apologise and it’s really normal to feel that way. I hope you’re feeling
better soon. Chin up gorgeous!”

As of writing, her Twitch channel has been banned.

Jadeyanh is yet to officially comment on her suspension but perhaps a break from social media and streaming could give her some fresh air she truly needs.

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